Apopka Parking Ordinance 2527

Please view the attached information regarding the new parking ordinance now in force in the city of Apopka.  Included are the directions for viewing the entire ordinance, as well as specific notes for RSR residents.

Parking ordinance 2527.pdf


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The HOA has its own official website (www.rockspringsridge.org) and the Board does not generally comment on matters posted on the Next Door Neighbor website; however, given the misinformation that was recently circulated regarding the golf course, we feel we owe it to concerned residents to provide what we believe are the relevant facts. The golf course area is a very important and sensitive issue to all of us home owners (four of the five Board members paid premiums for and live on golf front lots) and we believe some clarification is needed. First, the Board is convinced that all elected city officials are already fully aware that RSR residents do not want any homes built on the golf course property. There was a HOA member meeting several years ago called specifically to address golf course issues. This meeting had the most residents attending that have ever attended an RSR HOA meeting and it was very evident to the city officials present that resid ents opposed any home building on the golf course property. Additionally, the Board in its discussions with city officials has made it clear that the Board and residents do not want any building on this property. Nevertheless, we have many new residents that may not be aware of prior information provided by the HOA so we will try to present the facts as we see them.
What the Mayor said at the recent meeting was that no proposal has been submitted to the city and that under State statutes he was limited in what he could say. Actually, were the Mayor to say that he would not vote for any proposal to build on the golf course, as a couple of residents requested, it would be a favor to the Golf Group in that they would allege that he was biased and could not give them the fair hearing they are entitled to under the law. The city is required to give applicants a fair hearing and make its decision based on the evidence presented at the hearing and relevant law and other issues. If the Golf Group presents a formal proposal to the city, the city will then be able to evaluate it and approve or disapprove it as warranted under relevant guidelines. The golf course has been closed for several years now and no specific proposal has yet been submitted. That should be some indication that building may not be likely. Clearly, if the Golf Group’s discussion s with city staff had indicated the likelihood of approval of some proposal, building would have started a long time ago.
There is a PUD for the Rock Springs Ridge development that requires specific open space for the homes built here. That open space requirement includes the golf course and nothing can be built there unless the city agrees to reopen the PUD contract. It’s doubtful that the initial developer left any more open space than was required and it’s surely doubtful that open space requirements have lessened in the intervening years. The Board has agreed and has assured residents that, if a proposal is made to the city, we will engage a land use attorney to ensure that we make the best possible case to combat any building proposal. We do not believe that any building should or will be permitted on the golf course property but we also do not believe that the suggestion for petitions, etc., will be helpful in advance of a formal proposal being submitted to the city. The Board is fully committed to protecting home values in our community and we believe the course we are following on go lf course issues is the one most likely to achieve the desired result. We have gone beyond our own views and discussed these issues with attorneys knowledgeable regarding land use matters so we believe we are on the right track to best protect our beautiful community.



Apopka City Code or ordinances

CITY OF APOPKA code of ordinances

Sec. 66-66. - Placement of materials for collection.

(a)All containers, bags of yard waste or bundles shall be placed upon the parkway no earlier than 5:00 p.m. of the day before scheduled collection and no later than 7:00 a.m. on the day of the scheduled collection for residential curbside service.

City-approved containers and customer owned yard waste containers must be removed or "rolled back" from the city right-of-way no later than 7:00 p.m. on day of collection.
Containers when not placed for pick-up are to be placed out of view of roadway and pedestrian traffic.

Containers that are not removed by 7:00 p.m., on the day of scheduled collection may be assessed a roll-back fee.

(b)Residences receiving backyard collection of garbage will utilize a collection point designated by the director, placing containers as specified in subsection (a) of this section.

(Ord. No. 2169, § I, 5-19-10)